Disc Rotors




PROTEX BRAKE DISC ROTORSProtexstandard.png - small

Protex standard brake discs offer unparalleled range and vehicle coverage. Ground and balanced ensuring maximum bedding in and trouble free operation straight out of the box. Protex Brake disc rotors are coated in rust preventative oil.



Ultra Street Brake Discs are manufactured from revolutionary technologically advanced materials providing enhanced braking performance and shorter stopping distances. The hat/hub, rim, grooves and holes are finished in a traditional sports red acrylic silicone metallic coating, to prevent rust. "They look fantastic behind any open or Mag wheel".

Features include:

  • Unique thermal cooling drill & groove patternProtexultra.png - small
  • Enhanced braking performance
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Immediate removal of gases preventing glazing
  • Superior strength & life
  • Improved performance at high temperatures
  • Advanced cooling pillar system
  • Stylish red sports appearance
  • Reduced run out and DTV

RDA Grooved & Dimpled Performance Discsrda02.jpg - small

RDA Grooved and dimpled rotors provide a cost effective solution to improve the stopping performance of any make or model of motor vehicle with the following engineered characteristics:

  • Increased dissipation of water, dust and road grime from the contact area of your braking system.
  • Improved integrity of the pad and rotor surface, through deglazing of the contact area.
  • Directional slotting surface also combats “out-gassing” which is caused by gas from the brake pad bonding agent forming a cushion between your pad and rotor and thereby reducing pad “bite”.